Coordinator's BLOG

Joachim KerstenProf. Dr. Joachim Kersten is Senior Research Professor and Guest Professor of Criminal Sociology at the German Police University. With his blog he emphasizes the importance of research on domestic violence. Moreover, he gives personal insights into the coordination of the IMPRODOVA project. Moreover, he regularly invites members of the IMPRODOVA Consortium to write about topics related to the management of domestic abuse in their respective national settings.


Media coverage of DV in Germany

This week, and with an article covering 9 pages of case stories, interviews and data, the influential German news magazine DER SPIEGEL has tackled the societal problem of domestic violence which is traditionally underreported, both as a crime and as an issue of public concern. Cost calculations, according to EIGE numbers amount as high as 17 billion for Germany and 109 billion for the EU.

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Welcome to Glasgow as new partner

Finally, yesterday we received an official statement from University of Glasgow (UoG) expressed their interest in joining the consortium as a new partner replacing University of Edinburgh. As contribution and research in Scotland are vital for IMPRODOVA, we are happy to welcoming University of Glasgow as a new partner. We have communicated with our EC Project Officer requesting an amendment to include University of Glasgow.

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IMPRODOVA’s Kick-off-meeting

With much anticipation and planning by our Medical Faculty partner from WWU the project’s kick-off meeting took place in Münster, Germany, on the 24-25 May 2018. The meeting was a success and it was attended by representatives from all partners.

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Who am I

Who am I: My name is Joachim Kersten. I am the Coordinator of IMPRODOVA project that starts today. I am really looking forward to working together with my colleagues in the project for the next 36 months. One may ask what my motivations were to be involved in this project? Please let me start from the beginning and provide you some background information.

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