During the course of the IMPRODOVA project, we present and publish findings and recommendations addressing multiple audiences and stakeholders. Doing so, we expect the following impacts:

  • Improved and embedded collaborative working between police, other front-line and first-responder agencies, and pertinent stakeholders.
  • IMPRODOVA will foster optimized domestic violence intervention and prevention through innovative, gender sensitive training and education, challenging the traditional masculine-oriented cultures and attitudes within the police.
  • The development, validation and embedding of common risk assessment practices, when combined with increased understanding and awareness, cultural and attitudinal shifts, and openness to collaborative working, will lead to increased victim protection, occupational safety, more efficient use of resources, better cooperation between agencies, and an improved working climate for first responders.
  • IMPRODOVA will produce a set of stakeholder-validated tools and guidelines, taking into consideration ethical, data protection and privacy aspects and designed to improve not only reaction to HIDV but also citizens' perception of security so they can enjoy Europe as an area of freedom, justice and security.
  • IMPRODOVA will contribute to increasing victim reporting rates about domestic violence.

In the longer term, the improvements put in place by IMPRODOVA will likely contribute to a broader set of desirable impacts:

  • IMPRODOVA will reduce the inter-generational perpetuation of domestic violence.
  • IMPRODOVA will raise awareness of the problematic nature of domestic violence among wider groups of citizens.
  • IMPRODOVA will contribute to improving gender equity.