IMPRODOVA Checklist for risk assessment of domestic violence

Within the framework of a sub-project of the EU project IMPRODOVA, the partners developed a checklist for risk assessment in the case of domestic violence (D 3.3), which can be downloaded and printed out. In this way you have – in short form – all information at a glance when you need it.

IMPRODOVA: Risk Assessment Checklist for Domestic Violence (free download)

IMPRODOVA Risk Assessment Integration Module

Follow the whole risk assessment procedure for a specific case by downloading the following presentation. You will be introduced to Nora and learn a lot about the different roles of frontline responders.

You can check the Module online without using Powerpoint by clicking on this link:
IMPRODOVA: Risk Assessment Integration Module

If you want to use Powerpoint, please download the presentation by clicking this link:
IMPRODOVA: Risk Assessment Integration Module (free download)