"Détection des violences au sein du couple"


Upcoming event organized by IMPRODOVA partner CREOGN on March 25th 2020 in Issy les Moulineaux (Gendarmerie Nationale Headquarters).

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IMPRODOVA Consortium met in Amsterdam


On Tuesday, 11th of February, 17 members of the IMPRODOVA Consortium met in Amsterdam to discuss the current status of IMPRODOVA research. The main focus was on discussing the most suitable approaches for closing existing knowledge gaps of the various frontline responders by development of an online learning platform as well as a risk assessment module that will be available for practitioners.

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Paper online: Policing Domestic Violence: Strategy, Competence, Training


Our colleague Jarmo Houtsonen has published an article in the European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin on “Policing Domestic Violence: Strategy, Competence, Training”.

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Stakeholder Meeting in Paris


French key stakeholders got information on the evolution of IMPRODOVA’s work on the improvement of response to domestic abuse on 21.01.2020 in Paris.

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Violence has many faces – international and local perspectives of high impact domestic violence


On the 21st of November, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer and Lisa Richter from the WWU team presented first results of the IMPRODOVA work to practitioners from the medical profession.

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Meeting on how to improve complaint processes for female victims of violence


At November 20, in Paris a workshop for policy makers and police professionals will deal with the reception of DV victims and how to improve FLR response at home and at police stations.

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Guide to good media practice on 'how to sensitively report on domestic violence cases'


for journalists & colleagues

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Police Scotland on top shortlist for World Class Policing Award


Police Scotland and their commitment to tackling domestic abuse has been shortlisted for a World Class Policing Award.

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CREOGN Workshop on “Violences Intrafamiliales: Reflexion Sur L’Intervention”


In June, IMPRODOVA partner CREOGN launched the workshop “Violences Intrafamiliales: Reflexion Sur L’Intervention” with approximately 120 attendees.

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IMPRODOVA at France24


The French TV station France24 broadcasts each Friday a program called “The 51 Percent”. Hosted by Annette Young, the programs topics are women’s rights and women who are reshaping the world of today. On Friday, 30.08.2019 at 4:40 pm Paris time our coordinator Prof. Dr. Joachim Kersten spoke about femicides, domestic abuse and the IMPRODOVA project. The topic domestic abuse was chosen by France24 as a special issue in view of the French governments upcoming dedicated meeting on domestic violence and femicides in France on Sept 3rd 2019.

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