News with regard to events organised or attended by members of the IMPRODOVA Consortium can be found here.

Reports now available


Reports on recommendations for data harmonisation and consolidation in cases of domestic violence (D3.2) now available online in the reports section.

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Video online


Why do people mistakenly assume that domestic abuse is not a serious problem in our society? Responding to this question, the IMPRODOVA video "Domestic abuse is a much more common problem in our society than many of us think it would be" just went online. The video was animated by Christian Kulczycki and Jonathan Ziegler.

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Gender-based violence in a pandemic


One lingering question of these days' lock-down situation is the COVID-19 impact on gender-based violence.

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Paper online: Intraagency Cooperation - Building capacity to manage domestic abuse


Our colleague Catharina Vogt has published an article in the European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin discussing why cooperation networks between law enforcement, local support agencies, social services, health care and other relevant professionals are crucial to manage crimes committed in families and intimate relationships.

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Reports from the IMPRODOVA fieldwork online now!


During 2019, IMPRODOVA partners conducted data collection "in the field" interviewing experts, frontline responders and practitioners being active in the field of domestic violence. Almost 300 interviews have been conducted and analyzed, giving a vivid picture on how cases of domestic abuse are usually processed and what best practices in the eight IMPRODOVA countries are promising approaches for a better support of victims and their families.

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Mastering the COVID-19 quarantine


IMPRODOVA provides a collection of helpful links in times of COVID-19 and the respective lock down in several European languages to support individuals as well as couples, families and their children.

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"Détection des violences au sein du couple"


Upcoming event organized by IMPRODOVA partner CREOGN on March 25th 2020 in Issy les Moulineaux (Gendarmerie Nationale Headquarters).

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IMPRODOVA Consortium met in Amsterdam


On Tuesday, 11th of February, 17 members of the IMPRODOVA Consortium met in Amsterdam to discuss the current status of IMPRODOVA research. The main focus was on discussing the most suitable approaches for closing existing knowledge gaps of the various frontline responders by development of an online learning platform as well as a risk assessment module that will be available for practitioners.

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Paper online: Policing Domestic Violence: Strategy, Competence, Training


Our colleague Jarmo Houtsonen has published an article in the European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin on “Policing Domestic Violence: Strategy, Competence, Training”.

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Stakeholder Meeting in Paris


French key stakeholders got information on the evolution of IMPRODOVA’s work on the improvement of response to domestic abuse on 21.01.2020 in Paris.

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