IMPRODOVA´s training platform on Domestic Violence goes global and is part of Indian training handbook on violence!

The Indian training workshop on PET (prevention examination and treatment) of domestic violence and sexual assault by ICOG-FOGSI was conceptualised to improve practices in dealing with violence against women and girls. The German WWU IMPRODOVA partners Bettina Pfleiderer and Paulina Juszczyk presented the training platform to Indian gynaecologists and were invited afterwards to also provide a chapter in the handbook “PET Prevention, Examination and Treatment of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases” entitled “European Online Training Platform on Domestic Violence – Improving Frontline Responses to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault”.

Abstract: Health professionals are often the first point of contact for victims of domestic violence and thus play a major role in the detection and intervention of domestic violence. Interviews with professionals from the medical sector within the IMPRODOVA project indicated that they are not sufficiently trained in domestic violence and that they are not aware of their role as frontline responders in cases of domestic violence. It also became clear that interagency collaboration was lacking. IMPRODOVA designed therefore training formats and materials not only for the health sector, but also for the police and the social sector to improve frontline responders' competencies to prevent, investigate and mitigate domestic violence. In this article, we are introducing the IMPRODOVA online training platform with a focus on the medical sector.