Impact on practitione

IMPRODOVA: a chance to go forward, a real lever!
How it (already!) impacts practitioners

It was essential to bring together the scientific observation and the work of practitioners. It brought legitimacy to the feedbacks and reports in different scales of languages so that every entity involved in this topic can get the gist and find new information. This is a first impact.

This can be illustrated in the specific French context of the fight against DV. As we made the first observations on the British MARAC scheme, the French government launched the national round-table on domestic violence (aka Grenelle des violences conjugales). These two events went together and the work of IMPRODOVA was really beneficial to the reflection on tools to assess the risk of DV victims. Even if IMPRODOVA was not in the spotlight, it is obvious the project had some influence on decision-makers. Besides, it reinforced the view of other stakeholders to create this type of tools. One of the drawbacks of such a situation is that it could go faster than the work of the scientific project itself ... second and third impacts.

IMPRODOVA is also a real opportunity to underline the role of education and training as levers to improve front-line responders action and efficiency. In this field, there is indeed no need to wait the end of the scientific project to experiment or try the first outputs of the project. For instance, the gender-based approach of training or the focus on DV issues management in police forces are topics, which could be implemented in trainings modules. The prolific literature brings all the contents we need. Forth concrete impact!

The project in its international dimension is eventually an opportunity to put forward new way of thinking in some aspects of the fight against DV. For instance, the approach on perpetrators and more specifically the British MATAC (Multi-Agency Tasking and Assessment Conference) is an offensive scheme which could question the role of institutional stakeholders at a local level in the field of detection and prevention: How to find the right balance within partnerships between the need to know and the need to share information? Fifth impact!

We need to go forward!

2020-01-24 by Lieutenant-colonel Jean-Marc Jaffré